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Angel Li's Toastmasters Journey

---From Zero to Hero, Never Give Up on this life-long Journey


Angel Li

Angel Li's Toastmasters Profile:





Met Toastmasters

Senior high school student



Participated in Toastmasters meeting as a silent guest

National Taiwan University Toastmasters Club

2007 Jan

2008 Apr

Joined Toastmasters

National Taiwan University Toastmasters Club

2008 Apr

2012 Oct

Joined another Toastmasters

Neihu Toastmasters Club

2012 Oct


Officers for District 67

Area Governor

2013 July

2014 Jun


Area Governor of the year

2013 July

2014 Jun

Officers for District 67

Division A Assistant Governor

2014 July

2015 Jun


Triple Crown Award

2015 Apr 24

2015 Apr 24

Officers for District 67

Division A Director

2015 July


Angel Li's Toastmasters Journey: 


2015/12/09 My TM journey @ Neihu TMC

2015/12/25 My TM journey @ NTU TMC

我的演講會旅程 @ Division J officer training

2016/02/20 Never Give Up in your TM journey @ Division E officer training

2016/03/13 Never Give Up in your TM journey @ NTOU-P & Happy Life



1.DTM plaque



2.Celebration by Neihu Toastmasters Club right after my final speech toward DTM was completed on 2015/11/25.

Receiving awards from district director in Spring Conference

When I was a little girl, people around me wondered: “Hey, can she talk? Maybe she is a mute?" "Yeah, I have never heard her voice. She always communicates with us only by body language". Many people said they were introvert and shy, however, you probably could not imagine how introvert and shy I was. As an extremely sensitive and unconfident girl, I didn’t dare utter any word in front of people. Didn’t dare even with a single person, let alone speak in public. Didn’t dare even in Chinese, let alone in other languages. I confused about my future at that time, but one thing for sure was “Speaking in public is the last thing I would like to do in my life.”


However, things got worse in English classes of senior high, where oral presentation dominated the class. My English teacher even introduced “prepared speeches”, “table topics” and “host of the class” into it, which making our English classes so different from others. As a girl who rarely communicated with people even in Chinese, this English class was truly my tragedy and nightmare. I struggled to survive through the hell of public speaking, and then I told myself : “Public speaking is definitely my Achilles heel. From now on, I will try my best to avoid it.”


Before I entered National Taiwan University, I visited the NTU Azalea Festival to know more about and plan my incoming fruitful and bright university life. At that time an eye-catching yellow flag attracted my attention. TM? A place allows you to make mistakes and enjoy public speaking!!! I was totally astonished! Would anyone spend his/her precious university life on this kind of terrifying, serious and wild club? No way! Out of curiosity, I still took a flyer home, visited their PPT board and blog to figure out what exactly they are doing in each regular meeting. To my surprise, a lot of people joined the club, stood on stage with joy and shined like a superstar! OMG, are they aliens? Will any human being enjoy English public speaking? We might come from different planets. From that point, I could not stop following their blog weekly. Until I actually stepped into the meeting venue of NTU toastmasters club, I had followed their blog for a whole year!

大學生活展開時,我於『杜鵑花節』社團博覽會中尋找課外生活的寄託。突然,一面金黃色的旗子吸引了我的注意力---『國際英語演講會(Toastmasters),一個讓你克服恐懼、在台上盡情享受英文公眾演說的舞台』。我心想: 真的會有人想選這種既嚴肅又可怕的社團度過美好的大學時光嗎?不可能!太難以置信了!然而我還是默默地拿了一張宣傳單回家,默默瀏覽他們的網路社課照片。發現不但很多人選擇參加這既嚴肅又可怕的社團,他們站在台上的模樣似乎都既享受又自信!難以置信!我就這樣默默地觀察了這個社團一年的時間

In a historical moment, I made up my mind to take action, visited them and took a look. “I want to know how these aliens look like!!!” I stepped into the meeting room, hid in the crowd, sat in the corner, kept silent and observed closely. Well, some of them were equipped with excellent English and presentation skills as I had imagined, but all of them looked confident, enjoyed and so willing to try on the stage!!! Almost every one, shined with confidence. This image really impressed me!!! I wondered “It would be awesome if I could stand on the stage radiating my charm just like them.” At the same time, an idea came into my mind and haunted me. "No~~~ We are different, I can not make it"



Despite my lack of confidence, I kept joining their regular meeting as a guest every week on time and enjoyed being a silent audience, for another whole year. Yes, a real silent audience.


“Hi, what’s your name?” I shook head and smile. In other words, no one knew I am Angel in the beginning!


In table topics session “This question goes to … the guest over there” I shook head  “No~No~No”  If the session master did not give up, I would run out of the meeting room and hide in the toilet until intermission.


“Hi, I found that you always take photos for us silently, but we have not heard your story. Why not put down your camera and stand on the stage? We can take photos for you” I thought: “Someone wants to listen to my stories? Really?” Although being a little delighted, I still replied : “No~ Thanks”


“Hi, today is the deadline of annual member fee payment, will you pay this time? Let’s be member together!” I said: “No~ Thanks”. “Do you have 1700 NTD today?” I said: “Yes!”. “Great, now we could deliver speeches together”


Thanks to the disguised blessing, I eventually and accidentally joined TMs in year 2008.



Standing on the stage and delivering a speech is an amazing experience. For a long time I had not heard my voice and not being focused by a group of audience, who nodded to show agreement, encouraged me by giving applauses and offering  positive feedbacks. Gradually, I was attracted by and fell in love with the feeling, a mixture of excitement and fear on the stage. At the same time, I could not help but wondered : “Could I stand on the stage radiating my charm just like them in the future? Could I?”



Then, I started to deliver individual evaluation (IE), a mini impromptu speech as a feedback to a prepared speech speaker, which was a huge challenge for me. For the first 5 times, I performed miserably and always apologized to the speakers after my evaluations. Even so, I still possessed a firm belief: “This is a stage allowing me to make mistakes and grow, I just need practices! I can make it one day!” However, at that time, I didn’t realize that was my first critical point in my toastmasters  journey.



“Is she really a NTU student? How poor her English is”

“Is she a new member? I think she is not qualified to be my IE”

Sadly, I heard the rumors. That time I encouraged myself: “This is a stage allowing me to make mistakes and grow, I just need more time to overcome my Achilles heel and catch up with others. That is OK, everything will be alright once I improve”

我漸漸於背後聽到一些聲音:『這人真的是NTU的學生嗎?她的英文能力怎麼會這樣差?』『我覺得讓她擔任我的講評員好像不太適合,可以換別人嗎?』 我知道自己需要比別人還要多的時間來跟上大家,我也相信這是一個允許我犯錯與成長的舞台。我告訴自己沒關係,只要進步之後就沒有問題了,繼續加油就是了。


I would never forget the day I received an anonymous feedback sheet from audience after a meeting: “Would you please not ruin our meeting quality anymore?” That night was filled with tears, shattered pieces of confidence and my broken heart. I could not sleep. The words kept haunting me. Some ideas came into my mind.


    How ridiculous I was to ever believe it is a stage allowing me to make mistakes and grow. The truth was that no one could wait for me and accompany me growing.


    How ridiculous I was to ever believe it could be possible to overcome my Achilles heel in toastmasters. I was so different from them, I was born to be shy, I could never make it, wasn’t it?


    It took me millions of efforts to start my toastmasters journey, but it seemed that I could not make it. How ridiculous I was …


At that night, my passion was extinguished. For another incoming year, I stayed home, sobbed and cried. I still followed their blog, saw them smile happily on the stage without me as before. But I knew I was no longer part of them.



One day, a sister club invited me to be a firefighter giving an individual evaluation (IE). Still not recovered from the devastating feedbacks at that night, I rejected them and replied, “Sorry, my IE might ruin your meeting quality. You had better ask others for help.”Just come to our meeting and at least enjoy our snacks, we really need your help, do not be worried” their officer said. I went there and delivered a terrible IE as before. After I apologized for my poor performance, their officer comforted me with a gentle tone that “The time you spent with us is the best gift we received tonight, great job, welcome back next time.” The words ignited my desperate heart.



Encouraged by the words, I even asked their officers: “If it did not bother you, may I serve as IE for you at every meeting? May I have a second chance, please?” Since they also need many firefighters, they were glad to accept my proposal. From then on I visited them very often. At that lovely, warm and rookie-friendly club, I practiced the IE skills for up to 50 times in just one year.



In another day, my mother club called me to serve as firefighter of IE as well. At first, I was afraid the nightmare would repeat itself again. Once I stood on the stage of NTU toastmasters club, I knew immediately that I was totally different and had broken my comfort zone. Later, NTU toastmasters staff told me, “Your IE increased our meeting quality, welcome back!” Honestly speaking, the feeling was quite complicated!

While standing on the stage and receiving my first best IE speaker award, I found many new members down the stage. They all looked innocent and kind of shy. Probably, they also experienced some frustrations and wondered what their next step should be. Probably, they were also on the edge of giving up and doubted if their dreams could be realized here. Just as how I was one year ago. I wanted to tell them: I understood, I was willing to wait for you and to accompany you until you radiated your charm on the stage. I realized my responsibility here!

I came back to my mother club and served a mentor of 13 mentees in the following years. By understanding the needs, thoughts and hesitations of a beginner on this journey, this is my first step toward leadership in TM.



I often told them:

Never give up before you devote as much efforts as you can to your challenge. If 5-time practice was not enough, why not try 50 times or more? 




  Never give up before you see your improvement, especially in front of the ones who underestimate you.



Never give up finding a place, a group of people, who really need you and deserve your devotions. Once you find it, all your efforts on this journey pay itself!



  Never give up before you become a person who will no longer be beaten by frustrations.

I might receive another anonymous feedback sheet in the future, but this time, I know, no matter what happens, I shall never give up.




After stepping firmly into the place and starting to fly in my sky, the next lesson was to persist. Experiencing changes of life phases in your toastmasters (TM) journey is a must if you stay longer. Graduate from school, find a job, change a job, be promoted, move away, get married, be parents, and others will surely happen one by one. So far I experienced 5 stages in my TM journey.


Every change brought impacts to our lives, how to get through it? We might not be able to devote as much time and efforts as before, but just like in a marathon, our goal is the same, to finish it. You can adjust your tempo, your targets and your minds whenever needed, continue running on the journey!

Let’s continue my stories.






4.擔任Area Governor 帶領6個分會 + 擔任海大救援教練 + 擔任ASUS分會導師 + 執行高效能領導 (專案:Toastmasters Firefighters) + 工作上有非常多的出差需求

5.擔任Division Director 帶領4Area12~14個分會 + 工作上需指導5位成員

After joining TM for 2~3 years, I graduated from NTU and started my master program. One of the two major changes in graduate school was spending most of time in laboratory, medical experiment and thesis writing. Another was participating and conducting presentations in uncountable seminars. All my graduate life was occupied by hundreds of rats, and numerous state-of-the-art animal models for clinical researches. For all day long, I dealt with rats with high pressure alone in laboratory. Time is limited, schedule is so tight, yet officers of TMs kept asking me to deliver more speeches. No more efforts could be spent on TMs anymore. I was a busy graduate student whose life was filled with academic researches!!!


However, I had a crazy idea suddenly. Why not just crystallize my pressures into interesting speeches and share it to toastmasters? In turn, I delivered more speeches than before. My fight with rats looked so much like jokes for others, and they enjoyed them so much!! The feedbacks for my speech supported me to survive my stressful master program.


Find the meanings behind your devotions.
Crystallize life pressures into speeches in TMs.


Another main dish for graduate student was seminar. Most of time, it was so boring, plain, cliché, but occupied most of my schedules. How can I make a difference? Luckily, an idea came to me again! Instead of reading slides seriously behind podium as other peers did, I decided to do something different! I made good use of all skills I learned from TM (C5: Vocal variety, C6: Body language, C7: Research your topic, C9: Persuade with power, Eye contact, Confidence), which astonished all my advising professors and peers. “What is this girl doing?” From then on, I kept using these public speaking skills in every seminar, every progress report and even final presentation of my thesis. It brought joys and sparkles into my master program life, and I enjoyed it a lot!

研究所生活之另一個重頭戲是Seminar,一般來說是個沉悶而冗長的論文報告時間。而我也在此有個想法:若能把Toastmasters所學的技巧用於論文報告上以及問答上,碩士班生活會變得更有趣味!於是不同於其他同學站在講台後面平鋪直敘地報告完一篇論文,我選擇站在舞台前、使盡我從C5學到的Vocal variety, C6Body language, C7Research your topic, C9Persuade with power, 以及眼神接觸和舞台自信來報告一篇論文。問答時,我也透過講評所學到的技巧來給予其他同學建議與提問!台下的同學與教授們無不瞠目結舌,不敢置信! 有了這樣的心態轉變,只要有講台的地方,就處處是我可以練習與發揮的舞台!從seminar到進度報告再到論文口試,每每為我的演說帶來亮點與魅力。從枯燥無味,到樂此不疲!Toastmasters點亮了我的碩班生活!

Maximize the positive impacts brought by TMs
Whenever there is a chance!


After completing my master program, I got my first job immediately in Neihu technology park. Reluctantly, I said goodbye to my mother club, NTUTM, and joined a club nearby my company to move on my TM journey. Though as a rookie in this company, I desired becoming a junior manager in 5 years. Therefore I kept learning actively, worked hard and be prepared for any chance to prove myself in this company.

畢業後,我很快地開始了我於內湖科學園區的第一份工作。不情願地離開了參加了五年的、象徵我學生生活之精華與回憶的NTUTM。我加入Neihu Toastmasters這個溫馨幽默又有活力的地方,開啟我另一階段的Toastmasters新生活。在工作上,雖然只是一個新手,我依然為自己設了一個五年內可以開始擔任junior manager的目標。而在此之前,我盡全力主動學習、辛勤工作、把握機會讓自己成長。

Luckily, the chance had come to me. In a grand annual business meeting, my colleague, who was assigned to host the meeting, was too nervous to complete his duty after seeing hundreds of attendants. His stage fright occupied all his body and no one could comfort him. We were all worried about the situation but no one dared step out and take the host position. At that moment, I knew it is my chance and I volunteered to replace him and host the grand annual business meeting. Despite lack of business meeting experiences, I had learned splendid public speaking/host skills and experiences in Toastmasters club. In this meeting, I applied all I had learned before such as how to break ice, how to get to the point, how to give appropriate feedbacks, etc., and it turned out a big success. Finally, the business meeting was closed with fruitful results.

機會很快就來了!在一場盛大的商務會議當中,原先預計擔任主持人的同事因為看到上百位的出席人員,突然太過緊張而無法正常表現。就在團隊擔憂活動開天窗的同時,我鼓起勇氣自願代替他上台主持。雖然完全沒有商務的實務經驗,我使盡了 Toastmasters 學到的TMF session master 技巧,從開場、各講者介紹、中間過場銜接以及最後的問答時間掌握,順利度過此難關!


Later, my boss told me that at first he was afraid that I would screw it up, but now he knew I was excellent at public speaking and host a meeting. Thanks to this event, my boss promoted me to be the junior manager. Thanks to Toastmasters’ lessons, I reached my goal, to be a junior manager in 5 years, in time. At that moment, my heart was fulfilled with delights and I confirmed that what I had learned in Toastmasters was truly a priceless treasure for both my work and my life.

會後老闆告訴我:他原本非常擔憂讓我一個新手上場主持全場實在太冒險,然而非常訝異我能有這樣的表現!經此事件之後,老闆讓僅有一年半經驗的我擔任 junior manager 的職位,就是我設定要於五年內達到的那個目標,我的內心欣喜若狂!這是第一次,Toastmasters之所學直接幫助到我工作上的表現!


TMs, a training course of skills needed by real world.

Every investment in TMs will bring you surprises one day!

I am so willing to devote much more time in TMs!!!





Later, I moved on to my next stage, which I called it Inflation Period!!! Coincidentally, what I learned and performed in work and those in Toastmasters were highly identical. At daytime, I took business trips all over Taiwan. After work, I visited all Toastmaster clubs in northern Taiwan. It was hard to tell any difference between my works and my Toastmasters activities.

因此我的下個階段,可說是Toastmasters旅程中的爆發期!且工作上所學與所需要與Toastmasters竟意外地非常類似且互相呼應!白天全國出差跑透透,晚上北台灣各Toastmasters Clubs跑透透!旁人很難區分我的工作與Toastmasters有何不同呢!

My tight schedule and multifunctional roles during this year were:
1. Are Governor of 6 clubs
2. Mentor of ASUS Toastmasters Club
3. Coach of NTOU-P Toastmasters Club
4. HPL (Project: Toastmasters Firefighters)
5. Business trips at work




1. 擔任Area Governor 帶領六個分會,初嘗Toastmasters中的領導角色

2. 擔任ASUS分會導師,初嘗協助分會建立的過程

3. 擔任海大救援教練,初嘗協助和我母會一樣是學生社團的海大學生

4. 執行高效能領導 (專案:Toastmasters Firefighters),初嘗於Toastmasters中開啟一個跨區的支援平台,救援各分會的拜訪次數非常頻繁

5. https://www.facebook.com/TMfirefighter/


The experiences in TM and Work brought mutual benefits to each other. The more I have devoted in TM, the better my performance at work was, and vice versa. I was so willing to devote much more time in TMs!!!






Serving as area A4 governor, year 2013~2014:

High Performance Leadership (HPL) led by Webster Kiang and Shang Su

Serving as club mentor of ASUS Toastmasters Club:

Serving as club coach of NTOU-P Toastmasters Club:

So far, I had been the Division A assistant governor for one year. Currently I serve as the Division A director managing 4 areas, A1, A2, A3 and A4, with 12 clubs and 2 new clubs totally. From these priceless experiences, I have learned and sharpened the leadership related skills. At the same time, my company assigned me as a CRA (clinical research associate) manager advising/coaching five CRAs. My duties were to be the coach, mentor and leader of the five CRAs. Thanks to my fruitful Toastmasters experiences, I was definitely fully qualified for being a CRA manager. In the Toastmasters journey, I had delivered hundreds of encouraging individual evaluations, hosted well-received workshops, coached new-established club such as ASUS, led leadership programs such as HPL (high performance leadership program), etc. From deep of my heart, I appreciated both my CRA work and Toastmasters experiences because the two blended well and grew together!

擔任了一年的Division A assistant governor後,後續我進一步擔任Division A Director,管理4area12 個分會與2個新創分會,擁有更多機會磨練領導技巧!而於此同時,工作上也獲得機會擔任管理五位成員的管理職。責任在於領導(Lead)、指導(Mentor)、教練(Coach)這五位成員。感謝有Toastmasters的薰陶,透過發表多場的講評、管理4areas、指導新成立的分會ASUS、救援海大學生社團與完成高效能領導專案,我方能勝任這個管理職的機會。同時我在工作上擔任內部講師,正如我於此同時在Toastmasters擔任的workshop speaker(工作坊講師)trainer(訓練講師) 等等一樣。工作與Toastmasters再次相輔相成,完美地結合在一起!


Serve as trainer / workshop speaker in sister clubs:

Serving as Division A assistant governor, year 2014~2015:

Serving as Division A director, year 2015~2016:

Thanks to my senior high English teacher, Toastmasters has become an indispensable part of my life. It must be destiny that I met her again after graduation. Currently, she serves as an area A4 director while I serve as the Division A director. It was so meaningful for me that we worked together to hold a contest and training. Thank you, my dear English teacher, Maggie Hsieh.

Toastmasters現在已成為我生命中不可或缺的重要元素、也是翻轉我生命的重要契機與舞台。緣分好奇妙,所以我們才會於畢業後再次相遇。她在我Division A Director的任內擔任了我的Area A4 Director。回想起這一切,那不堪回首的啟蒙時光與後來我們攜手完成一場比賽與訓練,充滿了感恩!謝謝您,改變我生命的英文老師,Maggie Hsieh

春季大會上,親手從一路上的貴人之一Caroline Kiang/台灣總會長手上接下DTM 獎牌,不自覺奔上台的模樣、互相擁抱的激動之情、還有會後與許多會有分享我的喜悅,這一幕,我將永遠印在腦海中。




















這也是我第一次與DTM前輩們一起排隊準備進場!!! 心情非常興奮!!!


At the very beginning, I was a girl who could barely utter a word for a long time. Now I serve as a qualified leader in Toastmasters (TM) and a trustworthy manager at work. Without Toastmasters (TM), I might still be a nobody and still afraid of public speaking. Luckily, I met it 10 years ago, and it has changed all aspects of my life in a good way, like from hell to heaven. I am Angel, and thanks to God, I have found my heaven, right here, in Toastmasters.


 What’s next? I am not sure, one thing for sure is that I will never give up as what I have done throughout my from zero to hero Toastmasters journey.