DTM回顧 - 陳明弘  

In the year 1998,I retired from CTCI Corp. , and worked in Pacific Engineers & Constructors ,Ltd.(PECL) for a new engineering design project. PECL has a toastmasters club since 1982.I like English ,I like to refine & enhance my speaking skills ,therefore ,I joined as a member in PECL Toastmasters Club in 1999.

Toastmasters International (TI) provides members with a proven  curriculum that develops communication & leadership skills one step at a time. It gives opportunities for awards & recognition along the way. Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) is the highest award that TI bestows. Of course ,that is the goal of my Toastmasters journey.
Along the communication & leadership tracks ,I worked to meet all the required conditions to earn the specific award recognition step by step. For example: In the year 2004 to 2005,I served as Area C4 governor and during the office , I successfully sponsored CTCI 

Clear Chen

Toastmasters Club. These two accomplishments let me fulfill two of the four requirements to earn the ALS award.

Now ,I got the DTM award .I can ,you can too! 

                                                                                                                                                         ---Clear  M. Chen

1998年我自中鼎工程(股)公司(CTCI  Corp.)退休,並即加入泰興工程顧問公司(PECL)一新的工程設計專案工作。PECL在1982年即已成立了泰興國際英語演講會。我喜愛英語,希望能加強說英語的能力,因此於1999年加入泰興英語演講會,正式成為會員。


隨著溝通和領導的設計進程,我遵循個別階段必須具備的條件,一步步地取得各個資格認定。譬如:於2004至2005年,我擔任了全年期的C4區總監。期間,我發起成立了中鼎 英語國際演講會(CTCI Toastmasters  Club)。這兩項成就,讓我具備了獲得銀牌進階領導者(ALS)資格四個必須條件中的兩個。


                                                                                                             ----  陳明弘