傑出會員回顧 - 蔡嬌敏  

As an English teacher, improving my English ability is not my primary objective to join TM. In 2006, neither did I know that I might acquire the leadership skills and had my whole life changed simply because I became a TM. 

I joined NCBTC in Taichung because I wanted to show my support to my sister Joy Tsai as the president of that club. Since then, I started delivering speeches, speeches about story-telling, special occasions, informative articles, communications, and specialties. Besides the communicational track I engaged myself in, I took the club EVP job in my second year of TM, then I served as the president, then the area governor. By serving as the officers in a club, an area, I enlarged my objective of self-improvement into serving people. And I didn’t disappoint my club members and area clubs to gain NCBTC and area I2 distinguished club and distinguished area. 

Irene Tsai

It’s a great honor to win the recognition from TM as a DTM.  Although it is the highest recognition,, it shouldn’t be the end of my journey in Toastmaster. After all, life is about learning and teaching. TM is a place where people can always get themselves entertained, refreshed, motivated, educated, and envisioned. It is also a place like home where members are closely related, we share life stories, happiness, sadness, the joy of success and the grief of loss. We are always encouraging and supporting each other. Where else can a person easily find this quality in any other social clubs? 



獲得傑出會員的殊榮只是過程中多得到的花朵,而絕對不是終點的到達。畢竟人生就是一連串的學習。除此之外,在什麼社群裡,你可以有這麼支持你、鼓勵你、娛樂你、教育你的會友呢? 在TM,你有無限開發潛能的空間。 

蔡嬌敏 Irene Tsai