傑出會員回顧 - 黃俊嘉  
Before I joined Toastmasters clubs in 2003, I had already been working as an international salesmanin my career for 20 years. English/Japanese speaking is essential skill in my daily work.

I did have some opportunities to travel in different countries to experience different cultures because of my job.

With 2 decades working experience, I have been managing a sales team with 8-9 members and enjoying our working fruit with stable sales amount increasing.

Being a tem leader I think that I do, more or less, own the ability in communication and leadership to have such business achievement.

James Hwang

To secure these achievements or to make it better, I have to think how to keep sharpening my language and communication skills and find a right place where suitable for my time, age and easily commute to practice.

Through the internet I found a toastmasters club nearby my office that I could visit after my work.

I was really lucky and came across the growing Legacy toastmasters club and more surprise to me is that I found there also were Japanese clubs to participate. Then the Toastmasters journey was stated at my 45.

Toastmasters club meeting is amazing world. I met so many outstanding members. No matter juniors or seniors, they were always so passionate, innovative and devoted. These positive member qualities did attract me to join Toastmasters club meeting regularly and persistently. Graduate I become one fully member of this big family.

New Toastmaster experiences keep coming into my life such as outings, parties, Spring/Fall conference, joint meeting with China/Japan Toastmasters clubs etc. that really open my eyes.

In the last 10 years I followed all rule requirements to deliver my speeches, join contest, get all educational trainings and serve as officers. Finally I got my DTM award this year.

Now I am a formal club member of 3 different toastmasters clubs and have 6 regular meetings to join monthly. Time management for family, work and Toastmasters meeting is always a big challenge for me. Most of time, to join all toastmasters club meeting is still my top choice.

The Toastmasters journey sometimes makes me exhausted especially when I served as club president.

For me, DTM achievement could be also a stage and timing to take a break for another 10 years trip. With this title I trust I can enjoy more amazing Toastmaster world where is waiting ahead for me.

Toastmasters is always the best place to grow with fun.

James Hwang/
Legacy TM Club
Pacific Japanese TM Club
Elephant Bilingual TM Club