傑出會員回顧 - 蔡嬌燕  

I joined Toastmasters 8 years ago. I got my first DTM in 4 years. Many members asked me: “Why did you do that in such a short of period of time?” and “How did you do that?”


My answers are: For the communication tracks, I wanted to help my home club New Century Bilingual TC to achieve our DCP. So, I delivered at least  ten speeches in one year. For the leadership, I took my presidency in less than one year after I joined.

Then, I took offices as Area Governor, Division Governor, Chair of Education in the central, Lieutenant Governor of Marketing, Lieutenant Governor of Education and Training. For the 8th year of my Toastmasters journey, I will serve as D67 District Governor.

Joy Tsai



Further more, when I was serving as club president, Area Governor and Division Governor, my team and I always got the President Distinguished status for my club, area and division. I have to say, I always formed a strong team to achieve our goals well.


I conducted two HPL programs by serving as Area Governor and CEO of 2010 Spring Conference. Those well planned projects sharpened my communication skills as well as leadership skills.


Another question I had been asked frequently is: “Most Taiwanese joined TMs because they want to improve their English ability. You are a university English teacher, why do you want to join Toastmasters?” My answer is “Toastmasters is more than language learning. Language is just a tool. We are learning communication and leadership here. Personally, I gained a lot by joining TMs. It has been benefited to my teaching, to be a better teacher. I found that I become more patient and understanding. I want to figure out my students' needs and try to meet their needs. Also in my classes we have more interactions, more fun. Students enjoy my class more. It brings more satisfaction to my teaching and it's good for my career.”


TMs' experiences made me more concern about how to use the right words, as well as how to organize my thoughts in a very short period of time. The most important benefit I have received from Toastmasters is: Continuous mental growth. It made me a wittier, humorous person. It can also fulfill my dream of life-long learning. To stay in a mutually supportive and positive environment, it can make my mind keep on learning and growing. When I master myself, I help others. Actually, I found a paradox, when I give more, I gain more. For this, the whole process makes me happy and joyful.


As an educator, I had often been asked how Toastmasters help people to improve their communication skills. Of course, by regular meetings. I found this system works amazingly to every member who takes it seriously, especially to those young adults. The beginners were scared, stammered at the first time on the stage. But, after 3-6 months, they had the confidence and they knew how to perform well on the stage. They are quick learners because they are young, intelligent and willing to learn.


“What is the biggest difference between a normal class and a TMs meeting?” “The later one has lots of fun. Besides, they don't get punished because of their mistakes.” Toastmasters is the only place when you fail you do not have to face the consequences. That is why members love to practice, practice and practice. Once they got confidence in themselves, the other things will follow naturally.  

「一般的課程和演講會會議的最大不同是什麼?」 後者有許多的樂趣。此外人們不會因為犯錯而被處罰。演講會是唯一一個地方,當你失敗時,不用去面對隨之而來的後果。這就是為什麼會員們勇於練習、練習再練習。一旦他們對於自己有自信,其他事物就會水到渠成了。

“After getting DTM, why do you want to share more?” Actually, I will get my 2nd DTM after I deliver another 10 speeches. In addition to above answers, fellowship means a lot to me. Especially when I serve(d) as LGM and LGET, I have the privilege to meet lots of talented members island wide. It's one of the best things of being a trio.

得到傑出會員後,你為什麼想分享更多? 實實上,我只要再做另外十篇演講,就可以得到第二個傑出會員。除了上面的我的回答,在演講會堙A友誼對我來說意義重大。特別是我擔任推廣副總會長和教育訓練副總會長任內,有這殊榮認識全國許多才華洋溢的會員們,這是擔任總會參位幹部最好的事情之一。

As an educator, I highly recommend this wonderful, positive, mutually supportive system to all of people who want to have life-long learning. You learn with your own pace. You gain more when you give more. That’s the beauty of being a Toastmasters!


P.S. This article is translated from English to Chinese by Chris Lee, Joy’s son. He is also a junior Toastmaster.