傑出會員回顧 - 高毅芳  


In the family of toastmaster, there is no difference between you and me. The only difference is the time frame to complete the award of DTM designation. Just like the fresh tea buds and leaves awaiting the refinery production to become the state of art Taiwan tea after withering, fermentation, rotation, drying and sieving. Either to be a cup of good tea or to achieve the award of DTM—all happens in their best time.

Yvonne Kao

Joining toastmasters is like starting an adventurous journey on a train which heads to the destinations with several indefinite stops. I became Galaxy charter member right after finishing the International Business Course for Post Master Degree in ITI (previous Taiwan Trade Institute). Thanks to the ITI teachers who recommended Toastmaster and strongly encouraged my classmates and I to continue our interest in English in joining it. But what I hope to get most from Toastmasters is to keep in touch with my classmates from all walks of life in ITI. That’s how Galaxy was born. During my toastmaster learning journey, I have met and learned from so many excellent Galaxiers who got on and off the train for different life plans.

Together with these outstanding toastmasters, I grow in various aspects. For example, I become more human oriented. I try to grasp the needs of all the members in my team before we move forward to achieve our goals. Cautiously I plan before carrying out the project instead of shopping around the chances. I accept and recognize the features of people around me rather than complaining about their differences.

Like the process for a pupa to turn into an amazing butterfly or a baby bird hatches from an egg, I have experienced the sweetness, painfulness, bitterness, and happiness in the toastmasters learning train. Because of the above, it’s the time now I become the best of myself. In this life-long toastmasters train journey, I am glad to know all the shining members in Galaxy. Remember when conditions are ripe, either a cup of good tea or the award of DTM will happen naturally.