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  Toastmasters is the best way to improve your communication skills. Lose your fears of public speaking and learn skills that will help you be more successful in whatever path you've chosen in life.

Deliver great presentations
Easily lead teams and conduct meetings
Give and receive constructive evaluations
Be a better listener
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District   Attracting New Member to Your Club   Tips / District Newsletter
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Egroups Function   HQ Annual Inventory Process   Secrets of Excellent Public Speaking Skills
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Regular Meeting Required to Know

Induction Ceremony Processes When You Are the Toastmaster of the Evening
New Member Induction Ceremony When You Are the Prepared Speaker
How I Would Like To Be Inteoduced When You Are an Individual Evaluator(1)
Checklist for a Successful Toastmasters Meeting When You Are an Individual Evaluator(2)
When You Are the Receptionist When You Are the Language Evaluator
When You Are the Timer When You Are the General Evaluator
When You Are the Ah-Counter Your Benefits and Obligations Of Being A Toastmaster
The Vote-Counter's Briefing Mentoring
When You Are the Session Master Speech Contest Judging  Nuts and Bolts -- Johnny Uy
Requirements for Completing Multiple Education Awards


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